Studies show that teens who have the means to succeed in school classes and participate in sports, clubs, and social activities tend to have: 

  • Higher graduation rates
  • Fewer unwanted pregnancies
  • Reduced attraction to substance abuse
  • Better self-esteem
  • Lower obesity rates
  • Increased life satisfaction

With our help, these teens will be more likely to become successful and valuable members of society.


Areas of Focus

Our Services

TEEN EMPOWERMENT AND CLEARING HOUSE (TEACH)- The program’s primary focus will be on providing services to homeless youth living alone without adult supervision, who are wanting to finish high school. Through educational advocacy, mentoring, and wrap-around support. Teens with Promise will work to improve student self-esteem among youth living in poverty, decrease truancy rates, and increase graduation rates. Advocates assist with emergency housing, food, medical care, and educational needs.

PROMISES BOUTIQUE- Teens with Promise operates a “Teen Shop” dedicated to providing teenagers with the supplies they need to start and stay in school. All materials are provided at no cost to the student. Schools, shelters, social service agencies, and other professionals are able to make a referral for a student to come and shop for needed clothes, school supplies, and sports equipment in a store-like setting. In each of the past several years, this program has distributed school supplies and clothing to more than 5,000 teenagers.

THE JUVENILE EDUCATIONAL ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM (JEEP)-  It is out aim to provide financial assistance for educational services that will increase a student's potential for future success or will help the youth recognize and celebrate their achievement. Services include payment of class fees, tutoring, summer school, and cap/gowns for graduation. Students in need of school supplies are able to come into the "Teen Shop" and select needed items at no cost. Additionally, this program has helped advocate for students who have unmet special education needs. This program has evolved into a more comprehensive educational intervention that is the focus of this grant application (TEACH program). 

MEDICAL AND DENTAL SERVICES-  Many teenagers in El Paso County are in need of basic medical exams and routine dental care. Some teenagers are in need of major dental services, which can impact self-esteem and school attendance. Teens with Promise has created working relationships with many physicians, dentists, and orthodontists who donate their time to examine and care for youth in their offices at little or no cost.

SPORTS PARTICIPATION-  Many teens are unable to participate in school sports because they cannot afford the participation fee or equipment. In 2008, Teens with Promise began a new program that allows youth to borrow sports equipment and uniforms at no cost. Teens with Promise visits local high schools and sets up free sports physical clinics. 

HOLIDAY GIFT DRIVE- During the holiday season, Teens with Promise works closely with middle and high schools, youth shelters, mental health centers, the Department of Human Services and other agencies to provide holiday gifts to disadvantaged teens.